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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 21, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, cashing inhi on history. hisry the treasury departmentepen announcing major changes to your money.mone harriet tubman taking andrewingw jackson's place on the 20-dollar bill.ll but that's the only upgrade on a the way. dc schools taking act after multiple fights between rivalenr high schools.chls what officials have planned to stop the violence. put away the brooms.. washington failed to finish the flyers sweep.flyers sweep. that sets up a critical gameup g five for the caps. c we'll have a preview. and later, wishing her magesty a happy 90th birthday.. we'll show you how the queen iss celebrating the milestone and me the new pictures of the extendee royal family. good day at 9a starts now. ♪
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lore, that's the good day d.c. team now 9:00 o'clock on this thursday 821, i'm maureen i wasw may alongside holly, steve and d >> all these stories and much so more coming up. first though sunny smotart to yr thursday morning but there mayni be some rain on the way. maybe not today, but maybe in mi the morning.or gary what are we looking at?t? >> tomorrow. t i think we'll haveom some showes early and the better chance ofeo showers tomorrow listen to this will be in the afternoon and ind the evening there's no doubthers about that. we need the rain, okay, oh raini is not necessarily a bad thing.i certainly we start today gettint the clouds in here less sunshine, don't expect a lot off sunshine this afternoon. aftno i think we're still going toll i have pockets of sunshine going g through for the first part ofirt the day.y. temperatures right now 55 in thn city. everybody is coming up.y is cin manassas still behind in the 4 40s. dulles 56 and then all along interstate 81 temperatures arepe out there in the mid up to perto 50s so things are coming it's going to be dry today.od it will be warm, too.m,oo numbers will get up into the 70s. 70s. culpeper 79.
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just say 80, come on, that'sn,h' where we're going to be. manassas 78 degrees.8 grees. so, again, little bit of am sunshine, more clouds in thehe afternoon.n winds will be south southwest sh about five to 15. 1 setup for the weekend, the fronf will bring us showers andrs and thunderstorms tomorrow andrstorm tomorrow evening. ening that front gets through by earle saturday morning. morng so behind it on saturday, we'ree lots of sunshine saturday sat afternoon.ten. temperatures will be right wil around 70 degrees. 70 grees. some of you on saturday willay w stay in the 60s. 6 but sunday, high pressure builds loads of sunshine and again onga sunday we're actually going toli warm up a little bit. b let's be specific with thisc wih weekend forecast.oras 70 degrees on saturday that'syha after few morning clouds andng s then again sunday, hard to beata with a temperature of 5 degreesd and sunny.and sunny another way to say that's th correct really nice w just a really nice weekend.nd. >> alike it. alike it. short and sweet. set >> thanks, gary. gar >> time now 9:02. 92 let's take look what else is e i happening today. the florida man who landedd gyrocopter on the lawn of the l u.s. capitol a
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learn hess punish many for that stunt. doug laws hughes plead guilty in november.. prosecutors are seeking a 10s ae month prison sentence for the sentencing set for 1:00 this afternoon.rnn also happening today, one of the two men arrested forn ared f allegedly killing an off duty police officer -- off duty secret office officer will be in court. arthur baldwin whose picture yoy just saw there was shot to deatd in southwest dc back ink in december.dember now, 17-year-old maureen bellamy facing murder charge in that tht case. if that name sounds familiar because bellamy recently chargeg in the murder of a 15 year oldyr boy at the deanwood metro met station last month. child died after being leftl in court. it happened in virginia. annie has the details on this tragic story. s we hear about this happening when the weather starts to warm up. >> reporter: steve, you're right. righ there are a lot of questionsst still left unanswered in thisd t
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is heartbreaking.breaki and many of us trying to to understand how this can happen.p but police tell us the littleitl two-year-old the little one wasl left in the back seat of a carar pretty much all day and wasnd being taken care of by a friendf of the mother.of tot now, police are looking intongnt this death right now.ight they're still investigating, bui they say the caretaker was aas male acquaintance of the child'd mother.moth we're told he was supposed toe s drop three children off at twoo different locations wednesdayios morning. the two older kids 10 and 1510 1 years old were dropped off at where they were supposed to be.u and then the caretaker went home and annandale forgetting to drod off the toddler.e toder hour later police say the say caretaker got back into his carr to pic pick up the children's me when he got to her location inn arlington county noticed the t toddler was still in the backack seat of the car unresponsive and he called for help. now at this time no charges have been filed but detectivesti certainly continuing theontinuit investigation and we're toldre t they will consult with the attorneys office
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attorney' office here in fairfaf county and so this could changee but as for the other children,n, the two, 10 end 15-year-oldyearo we're told that child protective services have stepped and inep remove the children from thehilr home, and are now staying withyg family members until this investigation is done. d and for the little one, we'renew told that the medical examiner i is going to determine the exacta cause of death.ea so just an absolute horrifyingon situation out here in fairfaxai county. county. back to you in the studio.dio. >> heartbreaking for sure,rtbreg annie, thank you for that. for t also northern virginia end counter between police an mantwe with autism turning deadly.ea now this morning his family is demanding answers.nswe melanie alnwick joining us live from falls church with more onte this story. sry. mel? >> reporter: good morning,orni guys.. yes, we're here close to to route 50. we're on annandale road and the reason we're here is becauseecau police told us that paul, leftt round tree park and wander wande wandered down the road about aoa mile and a half.mile and it's pretty far distance..
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would say, and that's just one s of the questions in terms of the timeline that people have hereae in terms of exactly what happened.ha certainly his family is hopingmn for answer today's. they expect to get an autopsyut report later this afternoon. let's show you the video here oo round tree park. pk. this is where caregivers say s they were with paul, 45 years old when he somehow wanderedande away from the group. gro this is his day group, day work group his brother described ited to paul also lives in a group homee he has a severe case of autism,, and they tell us that he cannot speak. he can scream, and he would not have understood a police officer's did he of commands. police officers got here two he minutes and located him after a they were notified of thisere critical missing and then there was some kind ofs a confrontation.ontation we hear perhaps the policeheol officer tried to reach out and shake mr. -- paul's hand. h and that he r
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badly to that. t in any case, some kind of a confrontation.nfrontat police say paul becamel bec combative. they that three other officersof come here for backup.r bku they eventually placed him in handcuffs.ndcuffs. and it was just minutes aftermis that that they called ems saying he had a scrape on his foreheada and ems said he was going intooi cardiac arrest. arr took him to the hospital.tal. at 1:17 in the afternoon theynoe were performing cpr and he wases pronounced dead at the hospital. police certainly came out stronr on this last night saying therer are two investigations going ono criminal investigation as wellel an internal affairs a investigation but still, guys,uy this is the kind of story thatrt is just really really upsettingg to so many people in the autismt community and we hope we can gen little bit more insight intonsii this later today. back to you.u >> mel, that's my firsthat' m question, because i know it'scan very sensitive topic right now,, in dealings with police noth po everything is always out in then open at first. fst but just based on the fact thata this man was part of a group outing and apparently it was
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worried about him in the first t place, were police officers offr aware of this man's disability l the fact that he had autism and may not respond as someone elsee might do when they werehen searching for him? >> reporter: yeah, i think t that is what we're trying to geg clarity on.clar i did talk with paul's brothersb this morning, and he said thatt he had heard that the diss pat d patch went out for someone who was -- suffering from mental mta illness which indeed is not the case with someone with autism. it's a mental did he saytal did ability, and so we just don'tusd know what information themati officers had or even though thee police chief said that the t officer has crisis intervention training, did they have trainint on how to approach someone withh autism? di have thataveha information that he needed abouo how paul might have reactioned negatively to that intervention? those are big questions, guys,,g we just don't have answers to ae right >> unfortunately that's whattu they need to know if this persoa has autismw , you might have crisis intervention if you don'n know what you're dealing withreg you don't know how to respond tt it. thanks mel.
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getting close to the end of theo school year, but for some d.c. students, they're schedule isths about to change.t to cnge this involves two high schoolsth and the times that kids get kid dismissed in the afternoon. fox5's bob barnard is in is i northeast with the story. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning this involves students s at dunbar and mckinley tech high schools who are coming and going via metro. metro a lot of them and some of themef are arriving for school thiss morning.g. the issue as you mentioned iseni after school. schoo right here, right where we're standing, last monday there wass a big fight. f it was captured in a photographp taken by someone in one of theot nearby office buildings this was after school monday about 10000 students 10 police cars were involved, two ambulances calledl we don't believe anyone was hu hurt. but apparently it started at ada nearby fast food restaurant andt spilled over here to the momentm ma gala debt university metroet station and apparently this ishs an on-going thing betweenngetwe students at these two schools. o dunbar and mckinley tech. they apparently a range theseane fights via text messagi
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meet here after school, nouncho, d.c. ps is trying to get in thet middle of this and try to breakb it up if you will and so and starting this coming monday, they are staggering the bellhe b times at these two schools. schs they are shifting the dismissall time which is currently 3:15 for both schools.ools mckinley tech students will noww get out at 3:05.:0 so they'll go to school 10 sool minutes earlier. and dunbar students will get out at 3:25 they'll go to schoolch tepp minutes later. mi now in statement tonu fox5 news michelle lerner said this.hi staggered timing a will allow 20 minute gap between dismissalsss which will mean fewer students heading to the metro station atn the same time. we are committed to fostering aa learning environment wherementhe students feel safe and secure sc both in school and to and from school. just a short time ago we spoke s to a freshman head to goo mckinley tech this morning. mni here was his reaction. rea >> i don't know if it would be much of difference if it's 10s minutes.mi some people usually stay afterty school probably around 10 minutt time.ti so i feel like it wouldn't m
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too much of a difference.ferenc >> what's going on with the two schools?ols >> they just been reallyeall fighting for no reason apparently. i mean i don't really know much about it.abit >> i think it's smart because, like, it is kind of like a lot l of kids here at the same time.em from what they told us it's u i because there's lot of kids at t this station at the same time. t >> report roar sometimes theyomt fight? >> yeah. i think it's good.i think but then again, anything couldgd still happen. hpe but it could be good at the sams time, though.time >> reporter: panel it's a long-staning thing rivalry between students at these two to schools. and, yeah that's kind of the reaction we're getting fromettif students taking the metro toro t school this morning they'reorni saying that's not really goingri make much of a difference because even if they don't getet out at the same time they ofteno are lingering here at the at thh same time because students leava campus at different times and ts head to the metro to head open, guys, so on going situation that d.c. p-s is trying to get a t gt handle on. on >> all right, bob barnard. b >> at least it's a step they'ree
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>> the thing these students whot are going fight, they don't carc about times because they'll t fight any way.fight you will just hope that theust students who are not involved ie who just happen to be in then to wrong mace at the wrong timee wg this will help them and they can get to where they need to go. >> hope collateral damage.collat >> yes. >> still ahead snap chat under fire accused of digital blackck face for a filter in honor of reggae star bob marley.. we'll show you how social media responded.onde. >> first though major changes ca your your money. mon harriet tubman will now takel no over the 20-dollar bill whyil w could it take 14 more yearsea before we see those bills in our wallets? huh? time now 9:12. back after this.
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♪ 9:15 is your time. is your m cashing in on history.g inn hi there are some big changes cha coming to the u.s. currency. 20s, fives, tens getting major makeovers and harriet tubmanri b gets a fresh turn in thein t spotlight.otght. fox's doug luzader has all theat details. >> reporter: your $20 bill is in for some big changes andrewnw jackson whose been on the fronto of that bill for almost 90 yeary is going to be pushed aside replaced by harriet tubman. tub that's just the first of manyf m changes.anges. the president andrew jackson was given his spot in the 20 back in 1928.
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real estate. este. but now, make way for tubman.n. treasury secretary jack lu justt made it official during a phoneo >> i'm excited to nouns that for the first time in more than a century the front of ournt of or currency will feature thee the portrait of a woman harrietar tubman on the $20 note.ote >> reporter: harriet tubmann born a slave but eventual all leader of the undergroundergrnd railroad an force for women suffering.ff she will become the first bec african-american on u.s. paper currency.rr just one of a slew of currencyfr changes announced by thehe treasury department and for mann including her great great granda niece it has been a long time in >> people need to know abouted w her, because she was the only woman who helped change the oute come of these united statesdta during that time and i'm very vr proud of her. of her >> reporter: while it's hards to keep money out of politicsols it's also tough to keep politicc out of money initially the iniay treasury department wanted to wt displace not jackson but alexander hamilton o
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>> ♪ >> reporter: but hamilton iss enjoying some new cash cache ini large part because of the wildly popular musical that now bearsos his name but if the 20s valueal has fallen over the years so too has andrew jackson at least inei some minds but he does have his defenders including formerr presidential candidate bendite carson.carson. >> we have lots of options hereo we can have a $200 bill. but, you know, andrew jackson was the last president who actually eliminated the national debt. >> reporter: as far as the $10 bill is concern hamilton will remain sale on the front the fro back which currently features an match of the us treasure row row building will change somewhat. they'll add an image of women iw who marched at the us treasury s building back in 1913 and if you detect a theme here, it's i because all of these changes ini the five, the 10 and the 20 reflect the enact in 2020 thatnt will be the 100th anniversaryivy of the 19th
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gave women the right to vote. v in washington, doug luzader, fox news. so one can you expect to bee spend your tubman 20s? some say maybe not until 2030. yeah, that's like 14 years fromm the new design self won't be out until 2020 and treasury's mastes carver has to hand carve the design. it has to be checked, fixed andd checked again. a new plates made and then theese sheets of new money can then c t start running.unni so take some time.. >> all be using jacksons at this point. >> cash less society by then. >> 9:18 is the time.:1 the coming up hollywood serving upnp another round of sequels andue remakes. kevin mccarthy is back a littlet bit later with our first look. >> first crucial game five forru the caps after a tough loss inci philly last night. nig we'll have the highlights andht then we'll preview the next one. ♪ ♪ z1yosz
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z1yotz ♪ 9:21 right n i know you're probably busyyus watching empire last night.ig i was watching another dramathea unfold on the ice. >> watching my eyelids. >> little bit late.t lat >> this one didn't end very well. caps facing critical game five.f they were trying to sweep theepe flyers. . philly able to win last night.h. two-one final. it was close game. was cse g coming in with fast start durinr the first period scary momentryn though after that goal. flyers scott lawton lost histolt footing right here, watch him slam into the boards.s. he caught his kind of lik
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back and his neck into thek intt boards like that. t laid motion less on the ice forr several minutes.ut. the crowd just completely quieti he was taken out on a stretcherh taken to local hospital for evaluation.. the gameent on though.ho caps fans in attendance also clapping when he was removedemov from the ice. i. caps ended up losing two-one but they lead in the series three three-one. they can actually close it outy at home tomorrow night game att 7:00 o'clock at verizon center. >> nationals they are rolling. i facing off against the marlins i game three of the series lastee night. nats down early but bryce harper came in the top of the third with a double to gift nats the lead. lead they would would gone oh within nats and marlins one more gameeg today in florida before the natt return home to face the twins this w i think game day 1:00 o'clock:0l start fort nationals. >> good for the nats.d for e na finally the golden stateden s warriors will likely be withouto steph curry with the shot boyhob for game three against thegainst houston rockets to nights n reigning nb a.m. vp missed
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two after suffering an anklerin injury in game one and says heas probably won't be ready to playp tonight.t mri showed no major injury too his ankle. ale the move to sit out is just outt of abundance of caution. cau so the good news they're playini sorry rocket rockets they shouln have any problem. pblem. he'll be good for the next rou round. >> yup. still ahead, empire recant getting that gq cover look for f less and wait until you hear wha is about to star in new edition movie. >> gary will be back with anll b early look at the and he's also going to talk t about when the rain could fall. 9:23 is our time right now. n. ♪ ♪
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♪ 9:26 is your time on this on ths thursday mor erin como back with a check ofae the other stories makingr storsa headlines.headlines. erin. >> thank you very much, maureenv first up we head to the campaigp trail and that's because it'ssei run through maryland this week.e with just five days to go untill the free states primary thema t candidates aren't skipping an'sp republican ted cruz will rally l supporters in frederick thisdect morning around 10:00 a.m. ronica cleary will be and we'lll talk with her later this morni morning. maryland today chelsea clinton e she's campaigning for her mom in silver spring, beltsville and a baltimore. today president obama is set tos meet with top officials from sis arab nations to discuss regional security issues in the persian gulf and the fight against isis. the summit meet log include ilu three sessions. one includes a focus o
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which saudi arabia and otherther gulf states see as a dissis stabilizing rival in the region. now, moving over to houston,on texas, where at least eighteastg people have died because of thaa historic flooding.. river levels in the area are tht highest they've been in decades. making matters worse, more raine is expected today.d today but officials say the threat ofa flooding should be over by theyt weekend. take look at this. t volkswagen has reportedlyepte reached a deal with the feds over its emission cheatingn scandal. today is the deadline to find aa resolution to the matter. mte the automaker is expected to buy back approximately 500,00000,000 vehicles and offer individualnd owners $5,000 as a piece of compensation. and finally, no shoes, noo shirt, no pants, hey, no probl problem. a new restaurant will reportedll be the world's first to allow dining get this fully nude. it's called bin crabby and it'si schedule to open this s
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london it will feature bamboo deviateds obvious toll protectle people's privacy and be dividedd into a clothed and all naturalal dining second. creator new couldn't septemberul restaurant says it's an an experience for people who want to experience quote a night outo with the world's modern trappings and so far it seems ie like people are on board withoad the plan. pn. right now, there is an 8,000 person wait list. l can you believe that, guys? >> >> why have the partitionsave because if you're willing to goo out and eat in the nude, youou clearly don't care about priva privacy. >> who would want to be seen. sn >> who sanitizing the seats after each guest leaves and aree they doing that.oing >> i would like to hope they'reo doing . >> no.. >> i'll go to a fully clotheded restaurant.. >> no. >> >> not doing it. >> here's the thing.the if you go over to when the redskins play in london --ondo >> give it try.>>
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>> i'll instagram all the pickss >> okay. we want to get back to seriousao news now. >> dumbest idea i ever heard ofd update now on a pay it forwardtd story we did last year wet yr profiled a local man fightingg for the two hun 19 nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped allison in back now with good morning.go morning. >> good morning, good morning to everyone on that last story, eww. >> exactly.xactly. now to our well it has been just over twovt years since those girls wereer taken and the rallying cry ofry bring back our girls rang out globally. while most remain in captivity some girls did manage to escapee they're here in the unitedhe ute states and continuing theirhe education.n thanks to the subject of our story. story. local human rights lawyerr emmanuel, in fact emmanuel alona with some of the girls were onn capitol hill this week wherekhe members of the congress reiei firmed their support fg findingi the abducted girls. gir this is parents of seeing theire girls on video
9:30 am
girls still in captivity and a their reaction, but that was t what we saw on capitol hill. well now for the great update.. many of you donated clothing ang shoes to the girls but emmanuel recently let us know they wereer also in dire need of luggage ass the schools as the girls rathert attend boarding schools. soo we want to say a huge thank youa to our sponsor easternrn automotive group. gup they answer answered the call. l they delivered 12 complete setst of luggage, one each for the 12 ladies that emmanuel has helpedl to get get here. he told us the ladies were using basically his old luggage anduge they were some of them wereme o carrying them in bags.ying the wheels were off on their thr luggage they brought fromm nigeria.a so they -- eastern stepped up, , they opened these boxes and there they found this luggage. e some of the luggage emmanuel said was even or the belongingss just in the garage in bags. bs so thank you, thank you thank ya you to all of you who respondedo but especially this is the update easterns automotive for
9:31 am
really just answering the call c as holly you know they always o do. >> they're incredibly generous.i >> yes, they are.>> y >> incredibly generous. ger >> great story. >> every young girl wants their own luggage. lga >> there you go. the >> awesome.>> a >> i love this sto >> i love it too. >> thanks, al.nks, >> we also have a bige so h announcement to make. judy kurtz from in the know, kno right, the she had herr baby!ba >> yes ay.. >> gracie was born wednesday at 2:48 a.m. 7 pounds 14-ounces. momma and daughter are bothre b doing great. great. and they look equally gorgeous. >> i hear gracie is lobbying ton the 50 most beautiful babies.ab >> i think she has clear shot tt win. win. >> she has little connection.ite >> congrats, judd dee. >> to you and your preciousur po family for sure. s >> hurry and get back in heren and get us in the know.heno >> just kidding. kid we know you're busy. >> take as much time as you want judy with gracie. gci fox5 dc cares our station's's campaign to highlight great work. we'll talk about it in a minutei but first, we'll go on ve
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talk about the great work thatk gary mcgrady does.oe day in and day out.ut >> thank you.ou it's getting pretty cloudy out y there now. th i think we do have merore sunshe coming i'll scholl you why inl c just a second.just a s i saw the tower camera too itooi looks fairly cloudy out now. n 57 degrees temperatures areempe coming up. up. manassas you're now into the mim 50's just last hour you werer yw still in the 40s so it's lookinl better out there. t give the temperatures little bie of time because again withga w clouds in place now, you can sec this little band right here. h this little band on top of usf right now and it's fairly thicki did it have couple littleco showers in it out to the westhe and, yes, there's a sprinkle or two but i don't think most of mt that can get to the ground.he g all right. all right. i think it will dry up before i gets to the ground.tse ground. but back to the west you see awe little bit of a clearing spot right there. t that will eventually come one on across.across. so mostly cloudy to cloudy nowln and we'll brighten the skies ahe little bit this afternoon.o here's future cast.east. we do look good this afternoonsn should have a little bit ofave sunshine late in the day the d certainly dry. tomorrow morning this is change a little now, there is a chance, there'se
9:33 am
but it look like a greaterat chance of a few showers coming m through during the morning hours tomorrow. tomo most of the rain still will holl off until afternoon.erno past 2:00 o'clock.clock three, four, five, six, six 7:00 o'clock we'll have somee showers even some thunderstormsr here which may bring us somes sm good rain.go we're a little dry now, so n little bit of rain won't hur't h thing this is sunday morning we started off with a few clouds but but watch what happens as we progress into saturday afternoor all dry, sunshine. ssh it really looks like a great a t weekend.ekd. okay? so the clouds areclo thickening.thic we will be warm today.l be war we'll make it up into the middld to upper 70s. 7 winds out of the southwest atout about five to 15 miles per hour. we're 76 today. we're 77 tomorrow. tor again, a better chance tomorrowt showers and thunderstorms.erstms the best risk for that will be l in the afternoon and evening a a few a.m. clouds on saturday. sua sunday we're up to 73 degrees.3r and by monday, you ready for it by monday we're talking middlee 80s, maybe a few spots. spots close to 90. i'll just leave you wit t
9:34 am
holly. >> ♪ fox5 d.c. cares is our is o station's campaign to highlightg the great work of local non lal leukemia lou foam ya society aoa long time partner of ours. of we want to introduce to someonee who not only cares about lls but inspires. lynn o'brien is a blood cancerr survivor who just finish finis treatment fo chronic lymphatic leukemia or cll when she was first diagnose she decided to dc get involved with lls team andmd training program, and run in thn inaugural nike women's halff marathon. lynn was a top fundraiser nationally after that huge suck sis she formed team lll which stood for love our lynn. l it's since changed lll has grown in numbers and in spirit and now stands for look out leukemia and lymphoma
9:35 am
lynn and two of her team members her sister amy and chris fraleya are both here with me.e. hello and thank you for the t people that you are and the worr that you're doing.that you'r >> thank you for highlighting g us. >> gosh, it's my pleasure.h, imp let's kind of talk about hownd o this all began and how you got involved, and how far you've and come. >> okay. o well, i was diagnosed about four years ago, and was sort of thata a watch and wait mode and i wasi at a doctor's office and i sawaw about this marathon coming up. >> it had to be hard in watchath and wait mode. >> very hard. emotional part is harder becausr i'm sort of a take charge perso even just had to wait until itui was time to be treated.reat >> you decide you'll doe yl d something.some you see this little pamphlet,ame okay.ay >> i had a big birthday and just worried about my health ilth i thought i'm going to prove totoe myself i can do half marathon.h. i did it by myself that year and raised a lot of money, it sort t of took off from >> when you say lost money -- m- >> you were the top fundraiser nationally.naally. what's lot of money?wh o >> if we hit our goal this weeke which i think we will we'll havv
9:36 am
four years.ur years. >> excuse me. exc >> one team. tea >> um-hmm. >> a ill in i don't know i dollars. >> million dollars. >> let's talk about yoilur allr participation in this and how it's really grown.. >> well, i'm lynn's sister amy she's my big sister my hero and my brief of best friend when shn got diagnosed we just really tot play a part in something thatom was really important to her anda to help find a cure so wesoe started out as small group and o now we're 140 people strongpltrn mostly women but a couple really awesome men are part of the teat as well, and we're pulling outug all the stops and fundraisingunr and we need about 50,000 moreore >> here's the thing. he's people look at this you're likek okay, i can raise -- people gett intimidated having to raise $2,500.,500. you all have raised enormousno amount of money. m how have you gone about doingng that?that? >> facebook. i raise most of my money througu facebook it's incredible. objection third my money kellern williams is hosting annual golfl tournament and we pick a newk n charity every year and we'rend ' going to do leukemia lymphoma society this objection third atd
9:37 am
>> how do you go bout asking for money from people because i bau think that's where people get scared? >> i think it's just really i about't telling your personal story. why it's important to yoump personally and i thinkor everybo has somebody that's been touchen by leukemia or lymphoma.ymom >> i think one -- it's really ay exciting time right now for leukemia research and i doo believe there's going to be curr in our lifetime and it'sing --n- >> there's going to be cure goie because of you. a million dollars!n dolrs >> i'm very inspired by thepirey president and vice-presidentd c- running the cancer moon shot program trying to speed up sed research and lls really has beee at the forefront of doing thatdt as well. just investing they've investeds autopsy a billion dollars in and i just think we're getting t break throughs every day whichaw makes me feel confident about mt future there will be anotherhere drug for me but it's also ao gateway to curing some of themee other cancers.her cars. so it's not just about me aboutm because i'm going to be i'm lucky with the kind of kind leukemia i have but there are aa lot of people with far worse and all kinds of cancers, and lls
9:38 am
>> you guys are doing an event a this weekend right?ht? >> race.>> r >> sunday. >> which one is that?hich >> the george washington parkw parkway. >> 10 miles. >> 10-mile. >> you guys say it like it'ssay nothing. >> 10 miles.mis >> i'll go do den miles.iles. you've done other events. ent >> this is our largest. we have 150 team members doingri it with us who are all raisingsg money. >> you have people on your team that are in different states,rea right?rit? >> yes.>> we have people flying we have families froopm germanya we have couples from california, colorado,.,. >> i want to make that point ma reallreally i want to be inspird about how to grow their teamsw when it comes to team andeam training and not so intimidatedt and really learn that one persor can make a huge difference.ifre >> it's amazing the power of tht grass roots.root honestly. everyone on our team put out put news letters and e-mails and soo forth to their contacts, and even $10 from someone makes anek difference when it all adds up.s my children are involved. they're sending it to their the college friends.ri just, you know, work people.eo
9:39 am
it's just >> i feel like people want toant help.. sometimes they just don't know j how to. you know what i mean? if you just kind of -- >> you have to ask. if you don't ask,ou you're notoe going to receive so you have toe ask.k. >> okay. >> that's big part of it.big >> you guys are amazing.ouuys ar one of the most amazing teams. t we've done a lot with lls you'rr one of the most amazing teams ts that i've ever encountered.ncnt all in, right.ig >> all in. >> if you had to say one thingd to cancer what would you sayto? >> it needs to go away.o go i had an agent in my office herh husband was diagnosed three dayr ago. she called me to sign up to woro on the golf tournament when itew touches you personally, it makek a huge difference and it needsns to go go aw >> what would you say. wha >> we'll going to cure it. >> what would you say.wod you >> i can't save it live. (laughter).te >> you can tell me in my ear. >> yes!! an screw cancer. c >> that's the word she used i'm sticking to it. to you know what she she look out leukemia and team lll people can still joinli your team. t >> absolute or start your own.oy two ways you can get involved.ol
9:40 am
going to their website www.bit ly/team lll.m lll i think that's what that said. and you can join team in t training yourself by going to t team and they do lots of amazing events.e team in training does.s so there's some event out theree that's going to appeal to you,ay and obviously it appeals to youu to help beat cancer.ance we'll do it. >> high five. >> thank you.>> t >> thank you so much.haha nk you guys are awesome. >> back on over to you >> good work. keep up the good work.e goor >> time now is 9:40 still aheada in the fox beat my personalsol favorite, remakes and moreor sequels.sequel kevin has a sneak peek of two o the latest in hollywood'slyod's request to beat every franchisef to death and they're doing a phenomenal job.. back in a moment.back in a mome.
9:41 am
9:42 am
is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
9:43 am
♪ >> you never going to find any peace not until you find who you really are. are >> first of all i want to knowtk how they did that shot with allt the cars are like -- they mustst had some kind of explosive
9:44 am >> jason bourn is >> paul green grass is baconk to direct it. this is the tim bopped -- bourn >> bond, bourn. i was going ask you.s what is the best action aio franchise in your opinion? oni >> that's a great question.n. >> mission impossible. >> mission impossible, isibl i actually agree with you on that. >> fast furious. furus >> a lot of great actionio >> i'll stick with my original.r mission >> last two mission impossiblemi films ghost portico and rogue ae nation were amazing action fil films. i guess you can consider lord or rings action.ngs a star wars could be shows are sci-fi. jason bourn the fifth film.m. three with damon one with rennee which was terrible.erri >> i actually like that >> i didn't like that one.t one. >> i like all of them. like l of >> you like the story.e sry >> i like the story and thetoryt action.acon. >> third one was amazing. amazi how about the shot one of thee o coolest shots ever he jumps inti the window.e win good we just saw tha >> i know. but this sequence -- this
9:45 am
trailer looks the action looks amazing what iw love about these movies the t action looks very realistic inic the sense it's practical actionn real cars exploding.xpdi >> right. >> it looks like it's reallys li well done.ll d >> what i love about theset love movies is matt damon. >> do you find matt damondamo attractive. >> i do. >> interestingly enough.h. >> he's all right. he' >> him or ben affleck. affck >> matt damon hands down.own >> would he have played a bettee batman.batm >> no. >> that's a good question. >> i have to think about that. >> ben affleck was an mazingg batman.. >> alicia van kinder is in kind there. there. she's an amazing actress.ctss she won the academy award. award >> there are shots in d.c. exterior shots. >> i remember doing a storyng ao about our streets being shutng down. >> it's interesting.t' a lot of these movies shot in vegas a friend of mine works ini vegas a reporter. she were shooting the sequencesc he is special until moment inunl the road you just saw. s they do exterior shots in d.c. d all the time. te. snowden was shot in d.c. as welw that will come out.ill come >> did you get part in that. ge >> were you an extra in >> it's funny.>> >> i did go to that set, a
9:46 am
oliver stone, i was sitting onno the side of the street talking to shalene woodly and oliverve stone look at me and he was lika what the heck is this kid doingi here? he >> i don't know if he thought iu was really snowden. >> too hard to get noticed. n >> it's really snowden on my snowden set. i heard joseph gore levitt did meet with snowden. >> lots of trailers cupping outt all of these trailers came outao yesterday and today are all remakes or prequels or ---- >> his head might explode.t expo stand back. >> i'm not going lie you'll love this the new magnificent sevenev trailer making 1960 film. >> jeez. >> jeez. >> it's denzel and -- it's >> yes. >> he looks awesome in thisin t role.le >> really. >> we should have footage here.t but look at denzel. >> um-hmm. >> this is trekked by antoine,ne who directed the training dayrad and equalizer.iz >> he looks awesome.. >> let's see.>> l okay.okay >> wse
9:47 am
magnificent. >> pratt is in it. pra wait until you see denzel action. >> are there super herouoes? >> no.. >> so you seek revenge. >> okay. >> o >> i like a good action movie mv with denzel. he was great in man on fire. f but there are sick other people. >> correct. two lead stars are denzel and ad chris pratt. >> why do they call it the maghe any of accept. >> there's chris pratt. p >> that looks pretty goodtt actually. >> i really like denzel in goodd action roles and man on fire fir tour for me one of the best the denzel movies mov >> that was good movie.good mov. >> do westerns work. work. >> i was just thinking that.thii >> yeah. this will do really well becausb chris pratt is running of the biggest stars on the planet. >> denzel is one of the last few remaining bankable movie stars.a people go see movie they go see the new denzel movie they don'tn see the movie for weights i'mei want to see the new denzelnew de movie. old people are going to see the new den movie and younger kidsor are going
9:48 am
>> yeah. yea it will bring an audience. aie steve mcqueen, charles bronson.s the new generation of the moviev interested in seeing that.. >> what's the premise of it. i >> of the seven characters.harar it's a western.esrn >> seven guys and magnificent. >> we are in rush. next trailer the girl on the git train this is based on --this ie >> great book. greatk >> on book.ook >> great book. >> what do you think of the y casting ofou emily blunt? checc this out.this out. watch little bit of >> we don't have this >> so all right imagine there it is.. >> it was good.good. excellent.ex >> trailer is emily blunt andynt obviously you read the book.yout >> i read the nook two days. da. it's so gripping. it was really >> she witnesses a woman wom disappears and they're questioning her in the -- in the possible murder. mr. seems like gone girl to me.e >> i think this is the book --oo >> tollly different than gonehan girl. >> it has a gone girl feel. >> matt gaffney was saying he he didn't like it at all hee itt ae couldn't get through the book.hb >> the girl on the
9:49 am
>> my fiance' loved it. it. >> couldn't put it down.ow read in two days.. >> that opens october 7th.ctob i'll put it on my facebook.acoo they're doing three companieses movie.movi >> i liked it better than gone n girl and i loved gone girl, too. >> i loved gone gir good stuff, kevin. >> 9:49 um culling you americani grit returns to fox tonight.oni. the stars of the team and team t leader show us what it takes to compete in this elite realityeay show. sh that's coming up next. it's 9
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> my role in the seals wasle i everything from an assault team leader for multiple roundsan ir, afghanistan, east and westasnd w africa and then i kind of closee my active duty career running rn the train for the seals.he s my job will be to motivate anded inspire.insp >> my issue with at this points right now where we're at is i i don't feel like we've run hard e yet. >> fox' american grit settingic the bar for survival skills.. one wrestling star a team of ex military members showing group p of civilian competitors just hot far they can push themselves.el. fox's michelle polino takes a ts closer
9:53 am
>> you'll wait until one bag drops. someone soon will give up.ill >> reporter: wwe super star john cena and his couldn't drel of ex military members arebe setting the bar very high for the competitors on fox's american grit. >> relax and just be prepared td suffer. >> you get to see first hand how that skill set translates intost normal life, yes, they have ae certain set of tasks that none of us really know anything abo about, but that skill set what w they learn in their trade is sos applicable to team building buin torque functional will the toheo goal oriened a accomplishmentsom this show speaks volumes onlume >> all the individual evolutionl we put the competitors throughts are based on military gradede level competition so taking a 200-pound log and running it for 4 miles. being in cold another thing i feel is utterlyy different is only way you leavee this show if you quit or your body fails
9:54 am
>> these individuals are the a e >> reporter: these real live ree heroes hope the show inspiresw p viewers at home. h >> we come from a background ofo leading elite teams. tea we know nobody will quit so we e end join that luxury and it'sy d easier to lead those folk.ho it was fun to kind of bring ourg background to kind of normalor folks and be like they'ree they' actually taking this on board. they're doing more than i actually thought they would. >> i'm segment at home watching. i'm going get inspired becausese almost like a call to act. to i'm watching someone who is juss like me in a sense. sse they're being able and they canh do it why can't i? no, no.. >> john won talk about how wellw did he when he tried some of the >> all the challenges are builtt to be a true level playing fie field. and it really is a test ofest what's in here, and i believe ii me when it comes down to what's' in here. >> look at you. >> in hollywood, michellehell polino, fox >> all >> we talked to
9:55 am
what and john. trying to get you as much as yo can on this show. the show itself you can watchnat tonight at 9:00 o'clock thecloct premier right here on fox5. rourke denver was supposed to bo here got stuck in with traffic.f we'll try to talk with him after the show and bring you that tha interview next next week. wk it goes to show if you are anrea elite military fighting machinei traffic will still win in thell end. >> he is special ale round here. >> it be derail you.derail last night was empire it didn't disappoint.ppoint and coming up we'll have a recar in our ome --me - >> we are.>> wre. the queen is celebrating 90 we'll talk about her celebration, pictures she'sres s taken with the royal crew. c very c >> i know who her purse is now.w >> you found out.nd out. >> i'll tell you.>> >> what's in her purse or -- o >> he asked what designer. >> we'll also talk about snap chat controversy.ha >> bob marley. >> this whole filter with bobe w marley. we'l
9:56 am
>> maybe you saw the new gq new cover or the other gq cover or the one.e . there's five.ere's five new hot look on the gq cover we'll show how you can gen those looks all of them for le less. >> a little male fashion show for you ladies today.r yola >> two bonus covers.wo bon cov six and seven right >> before we get to all of thatf it is coffee time.e. if you been eyeing our cool gooo day mugs listen we have a new good day dc dunkin' donuts mugus to give away.. head to fox5 d.c./contest orest facebook page at www.faceboo d.c. enter our mug contest.r g co one lucky winner will be selected by random drawing butdt you better hurry.u betturry you only have from now until 111 a.m. to enter. 9:56 is the time right now. we are stepping into good day at 10a coming up next. >> it's going to be big. >> ♪
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>> no drama here on good day die the 10a it. >> we can't say the shame for one other morning show. the showdown between kelly and d michael over his move to gma.. kelly is out for the week.he w the question will she return?n? >> talk about drama, did you see empire last night? there were many drop the mikeike moments. we'll dish all about them in omg getting that gq style. sty men, listen up we have a live al fashion show with a look thatoot will have you sizzling thiszz spring the red hot good day at y 10a starts right now. n. ♪
10:01 am
>> whoa!>> whoa! >> how about that.>> >> my goodness.>> m that's a good day at 10a. >> nice job, guys. >> teach me >> representing. real quick. >> i got it. >> there's no hope. no h sorry. let's leave it to the real prosl ya'll are awesome.are way to start good day at 10a. (applause).ppla >> congrats ya'll.. >> all from roosevelt highm school competing in big stepnigs show competition this weekend w we'll talk more about it.e about >> nothing back there.. >> no.>> go the other way. way >> that was trick. >> whoa! >> they did rattle the loft.y di >> yes, they did. >> how is that for energy on enn thursday? >> whoo! >> thanks for joining us.
10:02 am
we'll chat with them later on. let's dive right in and checkane what's trending this morning wee start with morning show drama s not empire drama, but morning mr show drama.ow dra. kelly ripa, michael strahan theh show just wrapped up a fewed u minutes ago and kelly mia once again.ain. however she was spotted todaywa out and about in new york city with her husband and she smiledi for the camera according to tmz she is furious she was not toldl about michael's departure in i advance. abc says she'll be away until al least monday.y. there are even reports that shen has threatened to leave the shw show. however, according to tmzz insiders don't think shellhell actually leave. l they say her paycheck is justt too good. goo kelly makes $15 million a year. there are not a lot of $15 million year jobs out theree even oprah spoke out about thebt drama yesterday she said the waw abc went about it was just wrong and kelly should have beenouldee treated more respect physical.l although oprah is happy for hapy michael if kelly feels all rejected or left out she woulduw noap
10:03 am
hollywood is getting guys want wanting strahan's job includingu our agent wisdom who already w a placed that call. cal >> several times. times >> here's the thing. h i understand that kelly isdetand miffed about this.ut thi off job to do.o do. the sick out thing is i unprofessional. i get it but this came from whaw i'm understanding the top of abc brass saying don't say a word. a why jeopardize your job ifr job you're michael strahan bytrah clueing her after you clarify say i'm sorryy i wanted to tell you but i was w told not to. that's my take on it. my take on so kelly, get back to work w honey.ho you're making 15 million a year. >> she may be a little miffedt d because this is knots the firsti time that it's happened.ha >> for that to play out on tv like that it's embarrassing. >> it is. >> i agree with you she should u get back to work. i think shed should be theinho bigger person and definitely goi to work.k. however, i do also understand that she feels disrespected, i do also understand she probablya feels hurt thinking that
10:04 am
she was better friends withriens michael strahan than he views it. in my personal opinion, we, talked about this this morning r in our facebook mention theretit are people i would tell it tel depends on how much i trust thee person i'm telling. telli its it depends on my friendshipi level with them. i in my personal opinion wouldou give those that are closest to o me a heads up if i felt like itk needed to.eded >> business is a contract is contract.ontr when you work for somebody elsee you play by their rules. rules that's just the way it is.wa i so if she feels disrespectedisre that's on's oher. michael strahan had marching mch orders from the people who arer signing his checks. shut your mouth, we'll, you'lleu do this. move on with your life.r friendship all of that is finetn but i'm not going to jeopardize my livelihood over a friendship. >> it's that simple.impl >> docket that.>> d she might feel disrespected.resc >> all of that's fine. oat's >> bottom line for her sheor hes should be winning because it ist her show. it is live with kelly and whom and seven hosting with her at theh time. >> and she's getting $15 milli
10:05 am
$15 million. >> it doesn't matter how mucht she's making. >> it>> it matter. >> her feelings are still >> this is a job. at the end of >>the day -- we aw have feelings and we all have ae been in some way our feelings ai bridged in some way but this ist a job. a jo and bottom line --m >> you work for someone else. >> right.>> right disney said don't say a wore and he followed those rules. r kelly i'm sorry, but -- get bacb to work.toork. >> it's her show and she shouldo be like, fine, bring somebodyngm else on board. on it will be even better. betr. >> exactly. >> she understands where herdshh friendship stands with michael.. >> wisdom and steve will be ad l huge success. success >> that makes us seem likeeem there's some kind of she understands their friendsh friendship. she could still be friends butl he had a marching order. >> i think they're friends at a certain level. at a certain c i've been on both sides here atr channel five where people havei told me things and they haven'th told me things where i've told i things and i haven't told havent things. you make decisions based oneciob that. th it's just my opinion.ust mynion cleaclearly we differ that's whs so great about good day.ood d >> let us know was think #gooddaydc.#goo >> multi million on the line ane they don't say a wor
10:06 am
you would come and tell. and >> i'm not telling any of you. y you made that very clear. cle i'm not telling any of you because you wouldn't tell me but there are people in my life that are worth more than millions off there are people in my life that i would tell.. >> people who you work with. this is -- there are people i work with in this building thati are worth more than a millionmoa dollars. dollars. i trust them enough it wouldn'tl get out.get o we would be the only two peoplee that know.w. i believe in my friendship thatd strongly isn't really.rong >> i do. >> good for you because i'm keeping my mouth closed. c i'm not telling a soul. s i'm getting my money. m >> i'm with you,, w >> i'm with you.>>'m with >> i'm just saying. jus i'll tell you afterwards andwars we'll have steak on you. y because i'm not (laughter). >> on my -- you're a lonely man. >> i'd be a happy and rich man. with $15 million in the bank. b. >> quit rubbing in it.ubbi >> i hear you former major baseball star and commentator ct fired from espn he got the ax te after comments he made abo
10:07 am
transgender people using publicc bathrooms. curt shilling posted online a on comment critical of the effortsr to let transgender people use ue public restrooms that theyhat ty choose. he actually reposted anime m off an overweight man in women' w clothing and a wig schillingch deleted the image with theh caption that read let him in thi restroom with your daughter orar else you're narrow mindeded judgmental unloving racist bigob who needs to die. espn fired schilling saying hisn conduct was unacceptable and hid employment with the company had been terminated.nate also on his blog curt shillingin wrote, this latest brew had a b had a is beyond i didn't post that ugly lookingg picture.ur i made a comment about the basic functional will the of men's ans women's restrooms period.d. >> controversy he's also said some other crazy things about natzis and all thil kind of stuff.kind o >> i think he's a loose cannon.. >> probably a good thing espn en parted ways with
10:08 am
>> i don't know what hisw w background in terms of sayingof crazy stuff.crazy stuff. >> yeah. >> i'll move on.l ve o snap chat getting blasted ba over a controversial bob marleyy filter. filter. did you see it? did you use itd some are calling it digitalt dig black face and say it isfacend s offensive or even racist othersh complaining it wrongly w associates marley with smokingyg pot. po snap chat added the filter yesterday to make people lookakp like the late reggae legend but in the statement snap chattiess millions have enjoyed bob marley music and we respect live and a achievements they had permission from the bob marley estate to do this. to is that a caveat in this does ii mitigate what some people areha saying that this snap chat -- c >> for the company it probably a did because they probably feltto that they were okay with thiswei because they had permission froo the marley estate. est >> i didn't see the filter.t e i >> i didn't sighted.. >> does it darken the skin or the dreads and the hat.he h >> i didn't see it.e i that's just the
10:09 am
>> okay. >> oh. >> chris is saying it puts thatt face on your body. b >> okay. >> it's not changing your image. except everybody gets the samess face. >> giving i was different head. >> you know, so i don't know ultimately if it's still theretl but needless to say the controversy continues.on people in the twitter severeerer social media world going crazy g about it is.ou there it is.ther what do you think let us know ao always. al >> let's head over to the uk nov celebrations are underway forery queen elizabeth's 90th the day is not only importantmpr milestone for the queen but alss england she's the first monarchr to reach age of 90.f queen celebrating her big day b with a walk about near her mainm residence in windsor. w she will host more formalreorma celebrations later this summerhs including a gigantic picnic p outside buckingham palace for 10,000 guests.ue and check this out.. the queen posed for special fori photo series that showed more oo had personal side this shot witw her grandchildren and hernd h great-grandchildren. it stole the show beca
10:10 am
mia the little girl snatched the queen's famous black tote baglak for the shot in a move palace pl officials say way i was all her own. she just loves granny's bag. >> love it.ove i >> and steve asked an excellent question earlier because the bee queen is often said that's likel her prized possession. psess she doesn't leave without itlea it's a laun. l he r bag. they are english leather goodsds company. she loves them so much sheso muc actually gave them the royal warrant in 1968.8. >> wow.>> >> they have been makingy purchases for her ever since she gets at least four new onesw ons custom made just for her eachac year.year >> wow! wow >> hmm interesting. hmm interes i wonder what they do witnessoie old ones do they auction themcte off or go into the royalhe archives or something.ives or se >> or really big royal closet. c >> this is a high end purse. >> yeah.eah. it's like $1,800 or so. s >> one purse? pse >> um-hmm. um-hm >> why do women pay so much for purchases? >> you know what i think it is?h i think it's for other women ton be like oh that's a nice purseue partly and bu
10:11 am
they're nice. they're very very nice.'re veryr really nice purchases.e purchass >> men never look at purchases.h that's all i'm saying. sayin >> we know that.know that. >> when you get that new bigt ew contract for doing --oing >> i won't tell you.ellou >> kelly. you'll be able to by your wiferw one of those.ofse >> she won't get one. g one >> she already has two. she aea what are you talking yu i've seen her. >> first up one of the mostone m popular groups of all time the boy band new edition.ti >> yes.>> y spawned several hits throughoutt their career, many hits they're story is headed to tv screenn near you.. bet is airing mini series dramad one of the stars of the show s will be brashear gray also known as hakeem from empire.mpire. >> nice.>> >> the shooting for the showoti expected to start next month ana of course it will air on bet probably air sometime early next year. year >> who he is playing, robbie, ricky, bobby or mike. me >> or rosco. ros >> don't forget about johnny. >> i forgot. fgo >> i'm just saying bobby. b >> that's my guess.>> >> i'll go with ricky.>> i >> you think.>> you thi >> yeah.>> >> that's interesting muchterei that's good cast -- good call for him, though.
10:12 am
>> my goodness. >> the story is written that w y way. thank you steve.u s >> steve, this is why we wouldt make such a goodwh team when weo to new new york. i'm just saying.i'm juay >> wisdom and steve. >> look. we all know wisdom doesn't needn any help with this many of us du we're talking about getting thaa gq style for less.os. don't miss our live fashion shos still ahead. i didn't write that. t i'm just reading it. rng i >> only just made up that. j u we saw the words.ords >> at first the twists, the turns ome we ditch about lastab night's empire.mpir can we talk about boo boo kittyy we're back in two.n two.
10:13 am
10:14 am
kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
10:15 am
♪ that is her.. >> that's rihanna.ihan >> oh, my.y >> i can do that at home. >> ♪ hello.> hello i'm really closely in the
10:16 am
this is me really large.y large. let me back up a little bit.tleb can i just say she's legit. >> how some not like a big hugeg star outside of empire? there?e we go. this is much better. bte all three of us.s. okay.ok. showdown secrets and a head shaking stunner. hmm.hmm. empire filled with twists andd turns last night having us all saying ome! >> let's get to our tweet us your favorite moments n as well using the #gooddaydc.odc i'll start off this the pressure on hakeem in frontn of the shareholders as lucious o shows up he starts takingak questions i was a little nervour for hakeem. but -- >> i'm beginning to think he'sni not a good dad. >> who lucious? >> good go ahead and take look l at the clip. >> what do you think are theou a five biggest challenges facing f the music industry over the t next, say,
10:17 am
>> monetizing new releases, declining physical cd sales, ids don't know, lucious, piracy, rising tick prices for life shows, and all around lack off innovation for the music mus industry.indust i don't know. i break it down for you if youoy want.wa. (applause).. >> you go, hakeem. with each one he kept saying -- right, rye. >> break out in a rap after that like what, what? >> did you notice andre's face.e is he not happy he's succeedingn >> did you notice. nic >> he and andre -- and - >> they got other maps. >> rhonda and andre are doing their own other thing on the th side. de >> your favorite moment.r vorite >> because we have the big clifc hanger we knew this is not aot a spoiler alert we knew app nick today boo boo kitty is pregnantn when is she going to say to s something? she said it.e said check it out.. >> yesterday i told dad i wanten us all try to be
10:18 am
so we all know that sometimes st this family doesn't treat peoplo as well as we should.uld. i've seen we can change.hange. we can rise above our pasts andd i'm hoping that we can do that today because there's someone s here who has something reallyhir important to tell you. rhonda? >> what the shell she doing he here?re? >> anika. >> what would this woman have tw say that would be of any bef any interest to anybody in thisdy i mimily? >> i'm just asking thatt askingt everybody remain civil.. okay? anika. please. >> i'm pregnant. prean >> so? >> it's hakeem's. >> what? >> are you that thirsty you trick, ho. h >> wait, mom.t, mom hold on one second. s >> did you know? >> how you even know the baby ii mine.mi >> you're the only one i've beei wi
10:19 am
>> you want to us believe that. >> i'm happy to do paternityatni test. >> you don't know how to use a o condom, stupid? >> anika, um, you going to keep it? it? >> i beg her to. >> you did what, stupid. sd >> this family has already tragically lost an hei. >> that the this family uses the term hair as if we're in speakss peer yann play.. technically if we're talkinging about hair we need to find lola. >> you're not the father. fhe >> how do you know that,owhat, lucious. >> i had a dna test done. d >> the e moment. he's the only one i've been witt after you lucious. >> okay. we got to get to mine. min my emo spoiler alert.le this was the very late scenee where the sneaky what's his name sneaky snide dee the >> sneaky pete. >> he goes to a home and he asks for marine walker who is maureen walker lucious' mom. lucious' mom i
10:20 am
dead.. andre was at the grave i wish wh new each other. oth. not so f check this out. o >> there you go. there that's a good one. >> hello.>> h >> can i help you? can help yo >> the name is thurston longon less lea walker.alr. >> it's a pleasure to meet you mr. rollins.rollin >> i just stopped by to make sure something ever fine overeve >> everything fine and would you like to say hello toh mrs. w.s. w >> no, no.o, as long as everything is fine f and dandy. i don't want to bother her. ♪ mona, lisa, mona lease is thatse correct, sir men have named
10:21 am
♪ >> ome.>> o. seriously who saw that coming? ? lucious you're such a liar. lia oh, my goodness.. >> his whole new video the trutt about him is also not the truth. >> i'm it is the truth up to the point mom shot herself in the head. she didn't actually do that. t maybe she pulled the trigger. tr >> the great lesley ugh hams inn that >> couldn't remember her name.te >> where is this going?heres th >> i don't know.>> i think they get her meds and md next season she turns out to be the real hell i don't know and gives lucious a run for his his money for real.ea >> she comes out with a new logl for empire. e that's your ome for this week. >> let us know what yours was
10:22 am
>> any way about that >> i'm on board.. >> thanks for sharing. >> not even on.n. >> you want to do and take two.t >> take two. we'll do it again.'l it >> so any way about that secret --cret - (laughter). >> lame.>> lame. >> we're good. all right. >> never have to do retake ontoe one of those again.ofhose >> let's make it happen.n. >> 10:22.>> coming up later an iron chef chf contest tan changing the gameing when it comes to fast food. we'll get a sample a little bit later. oh, major points just for that t-shirt this morning. >> i know.t i know. loving that.loving >> before we get to all thel t campaign trail ends its way through maryland. ted cruz getting set to rallyetl supporters in frederick. we'll take you there live cominm up next. nt. ♪
10:23 am
10:25 am
♪ >> the road to the white house t weaving a path through maryland just five days out from thehrys state's primary chelsea clinton campaigning for her mom with w stops in silver springs, belts, and baltimore.baimore. ted cruz about to rallycruz abo supporters up in frederick. up f that's where we find fox5 it will wal reporter ronica clearyc with the good morning, ronica.on >> reporter: good morning,orni, maureen.n. we're in frederick for recall fc until ted cruz will have in just a few minutes. interesting thing i was speakin with state senator michael hufff before this began. the last time there was rallyl here for primary contender, 1977 for george wallace and before that, 1960 for jfk.k
10:26 am
important this is most likely ty the people of frederick to haveh a contender come to their townon and it also tells i was little t bit about this race. race. it's not normal for a state like maryland to have such an influence in the primaries and it's still does -- it does in this 2016 election. now, for ted cruz, though, partp of the reason why this might bet the second time he's here thisei week is because the polls areol not looking good for him in he is polling in third when yout look at average of real clear politics polling. p so he certainly trying to pick k up those numbers in maryland mar there are eight congressionalon districts. each of those districts award a three delegates and they are ty winner take all for each ofach those districts.istrts. so ted cruz is going to have tot try to win a majority in at a least a handful of those districts to take a few more moe delegates away from donald trumt in the hopes of getting to thatt contested convention because ass we saw after new york, it so i many times hike that's reallyiks hi
10:27 am
republican nominee nation wouldl be a contested convention. so we'll be here for this eventt we'll keep ya'll posted.os back to you guys.s. >> ronica, thanks very muchlyyul 10:27.10:2 okay. don't leave us now, guys andnd ladies, still ahead on good day, guys, we'll show how to get the gq cover styles for less andnd ladies, that means male models. >> oh h.h h >> i'm just letting you know ana a few experts as well and wisdom martin. 10:27.10 >> oh, goodness.>> oh,dnes looking good.oo ♪
10:28 am
kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ ♪ >> 10:30 of the here we go.30 o for some men gq is more like a style bible and like we told yod earlier this week next monthth months gq cover issue dedicateec to do 13 men.13en the magazine is dubbed thehe fashion gods of right now makinn the cut dead pool star ryann reynolds, idris al barks justinn true dough.ue dough. drake, harry styles and manyan more this morning we're
10:31 am
to show you style moves that yoo can steal from these guysseuy without breaking the bank. we'll focus on the five coverivc stars and we'll show you how yoh can get their look for less.. now, because i have the charcoaa circa 2,002 piece i'll be brin bringing james who of course the steal style officer from spoke s not broke i need a good color commentator our very own wisdoms martin. >> there you go. go >> how you doing.ou doing. >> it's good to see you again.ot >> good to be here again. >> good to see you, sir. >> likewise. we're going to show a cover from gq magazine five covers we'll cw have you kind of show us what wu can do without paying thoseing t crazy crazy prices out there. t >> that's what we're all about.a spoke not >> let's start with cover modell lucky blew this is the so-called genetics sweepstakes winner. win that's the actual gq cover. okay? so james, what can we do. >> motorcycle jacket is timeckem
10:32 am
>> okay. >> instead of going out like lucky blue and dropping $5,000 0 for designer jacket, the bestt bet to go to vintage store orgeo thrift store as well. ss we so the cool thing about leathera jackets as they age, as they look even better.n of course you got a cool t-shirt like this under 19. 1 sets it off.sets >> okay. >> distressed jeans are veryd jn popular in 10 right now. your jackets, cool jeans and jea boots and you're a lucky bleww ready. >> points for working theorking t-shirt in.t-irt i >> i'm a sales guy. >> all right.ig >> do what you got to do. to d >> up next,. next, >> next look. loo drake. >> craze so drake. dra >> drake is -- what can you seey he's a phenomenal guy. g worth a hundred million dollar . he can spent whatever he likes.l >> he like the under statedli te look, steve.. >> what's that still probably expensive.ive he doesn't pay for them. forhem when you worth a hundred milliom dollars people give you stuff. u >> that's true.t's tru >> military look is very very oo 10. cam mow and olive d
10:33 am
we have the duvon here militaryl type of military jack once again distressed jeans you will seeouw jeans all over the place andovee what's happening a lot of times folks are rocking the christieii white sneakers jeans to tuxedoo now days.. duvon this whole outfitfi basically the jacket, jeans andj sneakers less than a hundred dollars. >> really now we're talking. >> two out of the five. othe next up let's talk future rightt we are dubbing hip the lord ofdf the brim.m absolutely. >> future a couple years ago ago farrell was with his arby's hath he put it on trend to rock your hat. future basically started doingrd the wide brim some people saybr the old man hat. >> now you can get yourself a gu hat and here's little shout outt to local small business as well andreas fine hats down in silver spring.spri great place to to you can cop a hat. a h future mde the top 13 list butt he's most noted for accessorieso all about the detail.
10:34 am
name here we h all the jewelry courtesy of flex accessories they let us hold this jewelry for little bit. bit he's got the jewelry and the hat and jeans and the boots and ofta course padded up.seadde all about the detail. >> for people who don't have thv at a times -- tes >> more on that. >> henna tattoo. >> is there a secret to rockingr the hat game correctly.e corre >> it's got to be fit for your head. if you're a 7.5 not all 7.5 siz5 hats will fit your head equallyy you got to be properly size andz gets something that fits yourfis face as well.. i'll rock boater hat to a littlt boy hat it's got to go somethini that fits your style.yo sty >> if you stand perfectly youlyy can have your own hat on your on head right there.hthe >> let's move on to the next nt one. >> we'll talk about the ryank au reynolds look.ook >> ryan, this is a sleek classic kind of look with modern update flare. >> ryan reynolds when you thinku of black carpet and red carpet r and black tie affairs this r
10:35 am
reynolds look is spot on. is but no now a days folks areks a starting to flip it up a little bit. if you go to black tie optionpto tour dinner jacket do schmick liesly? paul have it yea dinnee jack. if you want to be that's uniquei or original for yourself, thenf, add a little color it to. c i that particular look could alsod play well at a reds skins supers bowl party. bo >> how about that? >> by the time they get to theet super bowl it will come out ofe style and come back again.k agan >> there you go. >> i'm just saying. >> thank you very much nor asouu well.ll. >> final look the five that wekh have the tom hardy. tom i like this look. loo i'm not going >> tom hardy look. har look. tom hardy is an english actor.. >> okay. >> if you've ever been to londod you go to german street.n stree they're all about tayloring alll about fit.t but he has a tom hardy has thats kind of like i'm still a man's man.n. >> absolutely.>> a >> feeling and attitude. f a >> he has it's rugged but allt this very very taylored.
10:36 am
to the tee basically.. three piece suit which is timeeu less. if you're going to do a wastedoa coat you have to do a pock watcc as well because as we said it'sd all about the >> okay.>> >> the tie is gone. tie after hard day of work popfk the collar a little bit. three piece suit on hey you'reyy ready to go.too. >> wisdom, you rocked the three piece from time to time. >> every blue>> >> i haven't seen you with the h pocket watch though. though. >> that may be much for the sete over here.ov maybe a little much. >> i have question for you now.. some vests this is classic vestc there are vests that have thetst colors on them. >> some vests have lapels.veels maybe a double breasted wasteasa coat as well. it depends on was like a lost a guys now a days calling and cala asking for the double vest. v >> what do we do with theh colors.colors. >> the britt would call it an w odd vest. three piece suit everything isec made of the same fabric.e the it's nice to switch it up awih t little bit. this could be plaid vest as wels it adds deta
10:37 am
as it's getting warm remove the jack, the vest still looks goodo >> you have a couple seminarsses coming up.. >> absolutely.>> we're doing free style clinicsli >> free is good, paul. >> tomorrow polly zoos vintage down in takoma park. pk saturday just down the street in georgetown. georgetown trade wisconsin and a p. finally anacostia art centerter doing style clinic as well. stys come out and see us. w and s u >> thanks for helping out.folpin >> we do appreciate it. we do a. >> always good to see you. >> gentlemen.en >> ladies, do you have favorite? >> awesome. >> you guys look amazing.g. >> i think this does mean we should reinstitute the no tie te friday. >> i do. >> for you boys. >> i'm down.>>'m d >> i'm down. >> be spoke not broke right onkt point. you're amazing.zi >> thank you.>> tha >> great great great.>> >> still ahead ent gertaining ad educational.atiol. the annual stop that youth stepp competition is this weekend butd first the four-time champs are a joining us live with a sneak a peek with exactly what too expect. time now is 10:37. 10: we're back with that. with that.
10:38 am
10:39 am
10:40 am
♪ >> sample of the band secret set society you can catch tomorrowoo morning our second edition of the fox5 rocks concert series.. tomorrow the band itself formedm back in 2008 washington area musician brian mills let's bring
10:41 am
digital music out let's keep it live and real.ea 2016 nominated for a w a.m. m i.e. for best urban contemporary group.oup they influences include stevie wonder, john coltrane, marvinn they'll perform new material ann classics tomorrow for all of uso you can be there farragut square park. pa wisdom and allison will host tht free show tomorrow.or we'll broad it it live right r here on fox5 news morning andorg good day dc. d a lot of fun. >> it is a lot of fun.t is if you want to step out this o t weekend you may want to head to the stomp that youth competitioi on saturday. it's an annual step event allve about educating young peel aboua the dangers of drugs, alcohol,lc and tobacco. tobco more on the event and how youe o can take part in just a moment m but first here to give us a tgie little sample of exactly what wa can expect the competition's four-time champions from eleanoe rows fifty three high school. tr take it away, fellas. ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
came to stomp, stomp out drugs. and we came to symptom many out alcohol.alcohol. and we came to stomp out tobac tobacco. so watch as we stomp out dat
10:44 am
>> whoo!ho >> oh, my goodness. i didn't know if we can come ini or not. n that's amazing. amang >> are you kidding me right noww this is kate henley the chair of federal city allison seymour joining mow now. energy and passion and message.s >> yes, guys. >> fellows, superb. s i'm going to get you guys inuy just a moment but want to talk about what we just witnessed.ed. >> you witnessing young men and we have young women who will bee stepping to the topic of stomping out drugs, alcohol andd tobacco and because it's such an epidemic in the washington d.c.. area, this is our 14t 14th seaso addressing the issue and we we
10:45 am
the platform and talk about thet issues to other peers and sond s forth. >> i think that -- you might beb wondering why i'm here. her i think that when we seen thisst first we look at the black greee organizations that's how we knoe stemming and you are a part of f the federal city chapter of soaa roar the incorporated which is in essence the parent p organization of the federal citt public service foundation,atio correct.t. >> right. we are an arm of the organization. non-profit arm of federal city foundation -- sore roar the. t so we partner with the organization to bring this andis not only do we have great steppers, we also have this t event to raise money for m scholarship fun and over ther t past 10 years we have given over 100 scholarships away to youngou men and women in the dc area. >> why this medium of stepping n to get the message out? >> i think it's a great mediumed because it helps people understand why greek steps andts greeks have been stepping forin long time.long so it br
10:46 am
opportunity to get that message on medium they can relate. >> i think to aspire to something -- i know this is-- great but aspire to something ai the next level of education, t too. >> right. >> i hope to see everybody stomping whatever yards you all go to.o. >> indeed. ieed >> in the next coming years. >> how many boys and girls arene involved in this.invo >> the teams vary but we have h eight teams come in this year oo saturday, um, from four to seven become at cramp ton auditoriumm an lot of youth that are oyout involved. we have about 1200 people0 peo actually a 10 the event and sucs an energized audience the wholeo time and in addition to the stee show we also have in the t informational tables we have hav helping youth to register to vote which is still key. k we have voter registration table sponsored bite foundation andoua the foundation partners zip car and dc libraries have tables.ele they'll be talking about baby tt birth program they
10:47 am
to parents. >> wow that's symptom many thatt youth competition we have thee h information on the screen.on t >> four time champ. >> four time. t you can see why.u can wh i'm telling good day d.c. we. know how to do it i rit we bring you the latest up tot p date what's happening on theappo yard and beyond.d. stomp that youth thank you fellas so much. >> thank you cay. >> if you're not pumped after pf this check your pulse.p something is >> all right. guthys, over to you., overo yo >> i'm exhausted. >> i know. >> they were amazing.he >> you guys didy that.d tha way to go. go. >> 10:47 our time right noweight coming up a new spin on fastas food from an iron chef.irf. we are talking to the founder of the chick kerry coming up next. he's in our good day kitchen. k.
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
♪ all it is fast food unlike you've ever tasted before.d bor we're talking about the chickery a new chicken restaurant nearea dupont circle it's the brains ta child
10:51 am
america contestant chef davidf v and this morning he happens to p be live in our good day kitchenn preparing some samples and he'ss also explaining how he's pioneer agnew kind of photograph food.rf good morning to you. morni. thanks for rocking the red. >> thank you very much. usually i wear my real tasty t t-shirt at the restaurant but,at you know, when in rome -- when w in washington rock the caps i was telling i was little bitie beforehand this kind of it'sf almost like a challenge of thror down we just open up dupontt circle a couple months ago. a guest walks into a restaurant there's chickens everywhere. they walk into the restaurantest and go what do you have that's t not chicken? i'm 15 tanner. 1an i like, okay, so, i playedlaye around with it.t. chicken finger. i love the chicken finger it'ss really one of the cornerstoneor dishes that we have.shes we came up with the faux finger. now, eggplant -- - >> what's a faux finger.aux >> i make this stuff up. >> faux finger i got it.ot it. >> we take eggplant, we peel the skin off. we go o
10:52 am
see down here pull this down seasoned flour and a butter milk so this is our chicken fingers.n we take 24 hours to make chicken finger soak it in the batter,e t dredge it and it's'sri look at this beautiful this is actually --al -- >> this is chicken >> this is chicken finger andger faux finger. >> the same process just with egg eggplant.ggplant. >> absolute. we take 24 hours. tak when you come in and/or, we're e looking at real fast food four f minute ticket time.tim we want to you place your orderr and have your lunch in front oft in you four minutes so when youu come into the restaurant you'llt go, four minutes, three minutess two minutes. people are high fiving. highiv my staff is high fiving.g because we really want to puto out good quality of food at thaa >> i'm not thinking i'm gettingi this in four minutes in most m places. plac >> yeah, come to my restaurant.n >> at chick curry you can.ry can make a little sandwich for me. this is cajun rem mew lat.ewat put some on the bun. b >> top and bottom.op andto >> you're making my lunch.y you like it saussy i here. i do.>> we're talking about sandwich,h, right?righ >> yes.
10:53 am
bit of shredded iceberg put somt some on there.he go heavy on that and bread and d butter pickles. >> i love bread and butter b pickles. pickles. >> mom's table. t. >> then we'll put -- i'm going to 50/50 on my sandwich.. give me two pieces of the faux.u >> two pieces of faux.aux >> just slam them on them.on th. >> slam it on there. slam it onh couple pieces of chicken.ieces c >> couple pieces of chicken thik is a new sandwich. sdwich. >> you got your meat and veggieg on a bun. bun >> we go like this.e t really that's what we're lookini so this is a sandwich that youyo would come in, you can be a a finger or a faux. faux. >> uh-huh. >> at the restaurant. >> or faux finger. fin >> finger foe.>> fger >> which one is this.his. >> 23 just invented this this is half and half.half a hal if you look at the san witches,e sometimes when you come in it's vegetarian.vege what ends up happening is you yu get something that isn't as incredible ever else.e. you've gone out to restaurant.ea >> i gotcha. i g you should have an as good option.. >> absolutely.y >> ross all right kearn ofri course out there.
10:54 am
get these amazing looking plates and vegetarians gets a bowl of penne. penn such a let down.ow i really wanted to have thatavha vegetarian option at that same m level.vel. >> we should say this you're s also partner in france smart the company that franchises chickerr and off couple locations in l canada.. >> yup.>> >> right? then you have one the here in d.c. but you're lookingo for another. for anothe >> looking for ar. secondec location.. wandering around i lovearoundov chinatown i love bethesda.ethe so many great neighborhoods. but dupont circle was strategict because i wanted -- i wanted my first location in the states tot have that energy and there'she something about dupont i mean thanks to all the door d men on the other side of thee ot street because late at nighte at they kind of push me in theush e right direction of the hoereion physical i live at there.. so i do want to thank toes guysy >> he does like it saussy.t s >> i like, you know, i just jus like -- i like the neighborhoodo it's a clientele that we like.ik >> i love dupont i totally get it. get i with that, too, do you think y t that some of your time spent ont
10:55 am
cooking shows made you want toon kind of create that same kind of competitive vibe within yourivet restaurant, like get it done ine four minutes, get it done well?w >> you know i like -- i-- i shouldn't say i like. l i love the energy of thergy the restaurant business.restrant bu. i never thought i would be ingho fast food.oo private chef to movie stars anda did all of that stuff but it wai really the opportunity instead e of having a 50 seat dining roomo maybe i would see a hundred people, some of these locationss thousand people a day that i cai go through.ough i like to tell my story about my >> yeah. >> you're a good story teller.oy >> thank you.>> >> i like it. t all right.all right i'm take this one. >> try the ranch. >> try the ranch.he r >> i'll try -- - >> i'm going to try both. >> as yourself being a canadiand and ontario i'm guessing aing hockey connoisseur. >> you know your audience andyo wise enough to wear that shirtir today. are the caps going get this geti thing.thing. >> absolutely.olutely. absolutely.sote um -- >> they'll get the done like a chicken.chke >> this is the caps season. seao there is no way. no
10:56 am
>> you were here for reason. rso >> i hope you're right. iop >> what is this right here.. >> that's my collard greens.rd n i couldn't grow the play off ply beard i am rocking the play off shirt. sh >> there you go. >> all in the spirit. all i >> we love it.>> wlove >> oh, my gosh.>> o my gosh. >> that's a sandwich. >> that is huge.. >> it should be. holy shitake mushrooms.ushr >> this is your piece of chickek right there.. >> i'll have a bite of that onee have have bite. >> final weather. >> chicken -->> chick >> clouds now but sunshine.w bu. it's gorgeous look at thes looat weekend.we 70 on saturday. surda 73 on sunday.unda i'm pushing the weekend likend k he's pushing the chicken. >> faux fingers or everybody. >> grab one. o >> you don't have to tell usoell twice.. >> while we chow down let's go back dem rater boys who areer bw stomping out us in style.tyle let's do it. whoo!whoo!
10:57 am
>> fox5 rocks tomorrow.ox5 >> yes. >> come back. yum yum yum yum. kids: he came here from rocky mount, north carolina. married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
10:59 am
i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
11:00 am
>> the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] thanks for watching our show! [ cheers and applause ] say hello to my co-hosts, my studio


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